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What is WhatHappensNow?
A free site. Everything you'll read here is the result of 10 years of emails, advice and interviews with experts, professionals and our readers (which means you...). And since there's a lot to life, we have a lot of topics - over 30, actually.

Americans have told us what they know about life - now we're passing it on to help you through

Why do you do this?
Our publisher and founder survived a beating and attempted rape. In putting the pieces of her life back together, she realized that there is no manual for life changing events – so she decided to start one, thus WhatHappensNow.com.

How do readers use the site?
Whenever you need advice or ideas - click on a topic (#1 below) and then choose whatever event you're going through (#2 below) and find information and tips to get help, get prepared, look through articles, or browse helpful links - that easy! You'll find that Americans probably have good advice for you.

What are the topics ?

What are WHN TIPs?
WHN TIPs are advice from everyone we've interviewed - like firefighters, police, doctors, nurses, pilots, FEMA officials, city officials, mechanics, moms, dads, social workers, hospital staff, hospice experts - you get the picture.

How do I send you my advice or a link– or just say hi?

Send us an email: ideas-info (at) WhatHappensNow.com.

How do you get all this information?
Aahhhh – this is what makes this site so cool (and probably why no one else has done this – it takes a long time!) We have interviewed hundreds and hundreds of experts, professionals and people who have lived through the site's events. We started 10 years ago and still do it today.

In a nutshell – it’s advice from Americans for Americans – so you don’t have to think "I wish I’d known that then..."

How much info do you have?

Over 700 articles, dozens of lists, hundreds of helpful links, countless WHN TIPS from readers and experts, good info on help and preparing – and then there are podcasts, blogs and more. We’ve got you covered...

Are there other sites like this?

Not really - it's a lot of work...

How many people work with you?

We have a core staff and freelancers across the country.

This doesn’t count the readers from around the world who send us their ideas and advice. After all, good wedding advice from London works here in America, too.