Top Ten: Get Help After A Disaster

After tornado damage, the recovery process can be long. The links below have advice from experts and tornado survivors like you on what to do after the tornado hits.

1. After the Tornado - What to Do

Advice on returning to your property, dealing with insurance claims, working with authorities, and more.

2. Items You May Need After a Disaster

Two short lists of key items you'll need and if you need to live somewhere else for the time.

3. Who Will Help You After a Disaster

List of who you can turn to for help and what those organizations will do for you.

4. Cleaning Your Home After Tornado and Storm Damage

Terrific info on vouchers and safety guidelines plus advice on cleaning clothing, cooking, flooring, and more.

5. Property Damage: 15 Questions for Your Insurance Agent

That's what it is....

6. Documenting Fire and Storm Damage

If you didn't lose your home completely, document damage right away. This talks you through ways to document the damage.

7. Replacing Valuable Documents

Who to contact for replacing documents like divorce papers, passports, financial documents and more.

8. FEMA: Questions to Ask

Questions for FEMA officials, and info on understanding processes, timelines and what Federal aid is available.

9. Forms: Home Inventory Forms and more

Helpful forms so you can administer your recovery.

10. How to Avoid Home Improvement Fraud

Questions to ask to avoid home improvement fraud.