Top Ten Tornado Preparedness Articles

Tornado season is fast approaching, and WHN is here to help you get through it. With lots of articles to choose from, we picked our top ten articles that will help you prepare in case of a tornado. From insurance tips to preparing your pets, these ten articles have a wide variety of information to help make sure you are as safe and prepared as possible.

1. When a Tornado Watch or Warning is Issued

During the spring and summer months, tornado watches and warnings tend to be common. Still, you want to be prepared if a tornado does it. In this article read about the steps to take once you hear a tornado watch or warning is declared as well as what to do during the tornado.

2. Am I Covered? Home Insurance Questions

The more you know and understand about home insurance, the better you can insure yourself and your family in case of loss. This article lays out what kind of questions to ask your insurance company. Not all insurance providers cover flood damage. This article helps you become aware of what your insurance company provides before a disaster should one happen.

3. Prepare Your Home For a Natural Disaster

Whether its high winds, flash floods or snowy weather, your home will be your shelter from the storm. Make it a strong shelter! This article offers tips from disaster victims, home improvement professionals, and FEMA on how to make sure your home is safe when a disaster hits.

4. Mobile Homes: Disaster Preparedness

In 2008, 45% of tornado related deaths were people living in mobile homes.If this is you, or you know someone who lives in a mobile home, read this article to get great advice on how to prepare for a tornado. People who have lived through tornadoes in mobile homes and manufactured home experts share their experiences and advice.

5. Create a Home Inventory List

Every person who has been through a theft, fire, flood, tornado, hurricane or other home-wrecking disaster says this is the one thing they wish they had. Read this article to have an easy and simple outline to follow while creating your own home inventory list.

6. Five Fast Home Emergency Preparedness Tips

Here are five great and easy tips to prepare yourself for any possible emergency. Experts and professionals shared their advice on being prepared, and this article shares them with you!

7. Home Grab and Go Kit

Imagine having to evacuate your home in five minutes. This article guides you in preparing a home Grab 'n' Go kit with all the essentials you may need.

8. Senior and Disaster Preparedness

Here is a guide specifically aimed at helping senior citizens in an emergency situation, like a hurricane. With links to other articles, forms to download, and WHN Tips, there is plenty of information on safely and quickly evacuating the important senior citizen in your life.

9. Renter's Rights: Storm, Fire, or Theft

Here is a starter list of helpful tips for renter's either before or after a disaster, fire or theft. Remember, landlord-tenant rights vary from state to state and even county to county.

10. Pets and Disaster Preparedness

Come on... they are a part of the family, too! This article provides tips on how to prepare your pets for a disaster and what to do should a pet go missing.