After a Burglary: Questions the Police May Ask

If you have phoned the police after a burglary, an officer may ask you questions like this:
  1. Who was at home at the time of the burglary?
  2. What did you see or hear?
  3. If no one was at home, who was the last person to leave the home and when?
  4. Were the doors and windows locked and shut?
  5. What time did you return home?
  6. Did you see anyone inside or outside your home when you returned? If so, what did they look like:
    • Gender:_____________________
    • Age:_________________
    • Weight:__________________
    • Height:___________________
    • Size:_____________________
    • Skin color:__________________
    • Hair color/length:___________________
    • Clothing:___________________
    • Shoes:_________________________
    • Distinguishing features (glasses, hat, tattoos, piercings, scars, etc.):_________________
  7. Did you see any cars drive by? If so, what did they look like:
    • Type of car (truck, sedan, van, etc.):_____________________
    • Color:____________________
    • Make:______________________
    • Model:_______________________
    • Year:_________________
    • License plate:___________________
    • Distinguishing features (cracks, stickers, dents, detailing):___________________
  8. How long did you wait to call 9-1-1?
  9. What items have been taken?
  10. Are any items/furniture/rooms damaged?
  11. Who lives here?
  12. How long have you lived here?
  13. Who has keys to the house?
  14. Do you have a security system? Was it activated? Who has access codes to the system?
  15. Have you hired any contractors or repairmen recently? Have any door-to-door salespersons stopped by recently? Who has been inside your home recently?
  16. Do you have any idea as to who the perpetrator might be?
  17. Are your insurance payments up to date? When did you last file a claim?

Again, this is a sampling of questions police may ask.

Updated: 5/2009