What is RSS?

“RSS” stands for Really Simple Syndication – and it is just that. It is a really simple (and easy) way for you to receive headlines and notifications from your favorite websites (like WHN!).

Instead of seeking out updates yourself, RSS turns the tables, allowing websites to provide the information directly to you. You don’t have to go looking anymore. We come to you!

Getting Started

To get started, you need to get what's called an RSS Reader. This will check the RSS feeds you choose to subscribed to for updates and changes and deliver them to you in an organized and useful manner.

Setting up a RSS Reader account is free and easy. Google Reader, Feeds Reddit, and Sharp Reader are a few RSS Reader channels where you can set up accounts, but there are many more to choose from, depending on your web browser.


You can then subscribe to WHN’s RSS feed by clicking on RSS For Life on the Library page. Our RSS feed is conveniently broken down into the seven categories of the site (Accident, Fire, Health, Natural Disasters, Theft, Life, and Travel). You can choose some (or all!) of the categories, depending on which will be most helpful and interesting to you.

Want more information? We think the following video, presented by Common Craft summarizes RSS pretty well: