Surviving the End of the Semester

It is the end of the semester and the whole campus is abuzz with holiday spirit and the thoughts of going home. However, there is an obstacle in the way…finals.

During the week leading up to the dreaded finals there is mass panic to finish papers, grab the in-class participation points, and making the most memorable group presentation ever. Finals tend to be a stressful time for most students, but there are ways to relax during finals and still do well on them!

Do NOT Procrastinate

Procrastinating is so easy to do. When faced with so many opportunities to get involved, go out for a night on the town, or even just to watch a TV show with your roommate, it is easy to put off assignments. However, many colleges will have study days before finals.

Take advantage of these and use your time to really crack down on what needs to get done. In the long wrong you will be happy that you are not stressed about getting things done, chances are the grade will be better, and you may get more sleep!

Study Groups

Find a group of people who are in your class and get together to study. A lot of times their notes will have different information or a different viewpoint on the same subject. Study groups can help come up with the best answers using everyone’s ideas and information. They allow you to ask questions you are not sure of when you can not as a professor.

Stay Healthy

This seems easy enough to do, but the weeks leading up to finals can lead to many bad habits. Make sure to get enough sleep, eat healthy, and do more than sit in your room. Pulling all-nighters can be disastrous to a person’s sleep schedule.

If an all-nighter is necessary, stay away from highly caffeinated beverages and sugared things to stay awake. Drink a lot of water and eat foods, such as power bars, that will give you strength and energy to pull through the ten-page paper that is due tomorrow.