Top 10 Summer Travel Tips

Here are the best of the best common-sense summer travel tips from your emails and our interviews with travelers and industry experts.

  1. Flying: Canada, Mexico or the Caribbean?
    Check the latest passport rules and regulations. The 'passport rule' is constantly changing. However, soon you’ll need a passport (kids too!) for travel to Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean so click here to learn how to apply…
  2. Flying: Book flights earlier in the day
    Thunderstorms tend to develop in the late afternoon-early evening, which could cause delays. What to do if you are delayed…
  3. Flying: Peak season
    With airlines cutting back flights - it's all peak season. However, still try to avoid the weekends and travel during weekdays instead.
  4. Driving?
    Summer is 'travel time' for animals and their families (baby animals cross roads along with their parents). Animals are more active – both during the day and night – so keep your eyes open! (Thanks to British Columbia’s Ministry of Transportation for that tip!)
  5. Double-triple-dare you.
    Triple check all your reservations and IDs before heading out the door. Why? Nothing’s worse than getting to the airport and realizing your ID is in the other purse or arriving at your hotel to find your reservation lost and everything is fully booked.
  6. Hotel Tips
    We've got great hotel tips from seasoned travelers.
  7. Pack your swimsuit in your carry-on
    In the event your checked bags are lost, you can take a dip in the ocean or resortside pool while you wait for them to arrive!
  8. It's Snowing Here!
    It's not summer everywhere in the world. Check the weather and read about expected weather conditions (rain, snow, storms, etc.) for your destination.
  9. Hey! That's My Car!
    Renting a car? We've got great tips from car rental agencies, car renters and you.
  10. Have fun!!

Updated: 5/2009