Property Damage: Questions for Your Agent

These are some questions to ask your insurance agent. These may confirm what you already know or may help you understand what you are covered for.

Write down the day, date, phone, email and name of the person you are talking with. With each question and answer be sure to include an outcome, who is responsible for the task and a follow-up meeting date to ensure progress.

  1. What is the claim number for this incident?
  2. What is included under my policy:
    • Temporary living expenses? Replacement of essential personal items?
    • Rental vehicle costs (if necessary)?
    • Other expenses and costs
  3. What is the date that you need the list of living expenses/immediate replacement items?
  4. Does someone from the insurance agency (or a governmental agency) need to accompany me during the initial walk-through of structure/review of the home and vehicle(s)?
  5. Ask what you should tell my mortgage company?
  6. Have your insurance agent provide an exact list of what is/is not covered in the recovery and re-building process.
  7. What is the approximate date and time for the initial walk-through?
  8. Who is coming from the insurance agency to handle the walk-through?

    WHN TIP: Don't Throw It!

    All items should be inventoried and no item should be thrown away without the approval of the insurance company.

  9. What information do I need to document the damage? For all items, be sure you include at least:
    - Make, model, serial number
    - Date purchased
    - Purchase cost
    - Description of damage
    - Location in home

  10. What is the time limitation on filing claims
    • For the structure
    • For your possessions
    • Other
  11. When can I move my car for safe-keeping and insurance purposes?
  12. When you file the claim, will the insurance company need any information from any local, state or national agencies?
    _____Yes. If yes, what type of information?

  13. How is damage to my car covered:
    - Under the homeowner's policy?
    - Under the vehicle policy?
  14. When do I need to submit a formal statement of loss?
  15. WHN TIP: Statement of Loss

    The statement is usually submitted within a stated time period (usually 30 - 90 days).

  16. A statement of loss usually includes:
    • The time and cause of loss.
    • The names and addresses of those who have an interest in the property. These might include the mortgage holder, a separated or divorced spouse or a lien holder.
    • Building plans and specifications of the original home and a detailed estimate for repairs.
    • The damage inventory mentioned above.
    • Receipts for additional living expenses and loss of use claims.