Property Damage: What to Expect from Your Agent

Here is a list of actions an insurance agent may follow after a claim. If you receive money from your agent or arrangements are being made for you, be sure to ask your agent what is covered under your policy and how much you are covered for.

  1. Help secure living accommodations for home owner.
  2. Provide instructions on how to prepare an inventory list of all personal belongings.
  3. Insurance agents can advise homeowners on securing property (boarding up a home to mitigate additional damage, covering holes in roof, etc.)
  4. Agents meet with clients in the first few days after loss (or when it is physically possible) to review additional living expense requirements. [See Items You May Need].
  5. Homeowners can solicit bids from contractors for salvage, rebuilding, etc. Seek recommendations from friends and check with local building associations and the Better Business Bureau.
  6. Agents will discuss coverage amounts and limitation amounts with homeowner.
  7. Review time limitations on claim submissions.
  8. Compile estimates for repair or rebuild from insurance company's contractor.
  9. While the estimating process is taking place, agents will ensure that homeowner has enough money to pay living expenses, but only if this is part of what the client's policy covers. (Remember, this is your money so be sure you know what part of the policy this money comes from, what is being spent and where.)
  10. They will keep homeowner updated of what is going on regarding estimates for repair/replace and other covered expenses. Homeowner should schedule meetings when they are comfortable and able to deal with the subject. If necessary, tape record the meeting or ask a friend or family member to take notes.