Create Emergency Information Cards

Emergency information cards are like medical "business cards" for you, your family and adults.

The cards include contact details and important allergy/special needs information. They are easily laminated and can be placed inside briefcases, backpacks, lunch boxes or sporting equipment bags or near a phone in your house. (Be sure to put the card in an easily accessible area.)

For kids, they come in handy for sleepovers, play dates, babysitters, teachers, or child care providers.

They are handy for students and adults who may live alone, travel or live a long way from family members.

WHN TIP: Make Copies!

Don't forget to make copies of family cards and make an extra emergency information card for yourself! Carrying a card in a purse or wallet could be helpful in an emergency situation.

Here's information to consider for an emergency information card. It is your choice to omit or add information.

Emergency Information for (Name)

  1. Card Holder's Name
  2. Person to contact in case of emergency: Work number
  3. Person to contact in case of emergency: Cell number
  4. Additional name/best number
  5. Allergies
    • Allergic reaction instructions (i.e. call hospital, take medication, etc.)
  6. Other Needs

WHN TIP: Color Schemes

For children's cards, choose different colors or designs to tell which card is for which child.

WHN TIP: Watch What You Publish

When you have personal information cards - for emergency or other purposes - assume ANYONE can see the info. You need to carefully choose and decide what information you are willing to “publish.”

Last updated: 5/2009