Five Safe Driving Tips

These tips are from police officers and those who have first-hand experiences with car-related emergencies.

  1. Pay Attention
    After interviewing police officers from around the country, we found that inattention was the number one cause for accidents. Statistics support this claim: distracted driving accounts for nearly 80 percent of the SIX million car crashes each year, according to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety.
    • Examples of distracted driving include talking on a cell phone, eating or drinking, reading, putting on makeup or changing the radio while driving.
    • Take the time to eat, drink or put on your makeup before driving.
    • If you must use your cell phone, use a hands-free device while driving.

    WHN TIP: Cell Phones

    Many states and local jurisdictions have restrictions regarding cell phones and driving. Check with your local police department about the laws in your area.

  2. Slow Down
    Practice cautious driving in severe weather conditions. Read our articles Winter Driving and Driving in the Rain for severe weather driving tips.
  3. Car Accident Forms
    Check out our Get Help - Car Accident page - it walks you through what to do if you're in a fender bender.
  4. Keep on Running
    Practice good car maintenance and have your car checked at least once a year, especially before winter.
  5. Car Emergency Kit: Because You Never Know
    Prepare a Car Emergency Kit with the essential items needed in the event of an emergency – spare tire, flares, food/water, antifreeze, etc. Make sure you add winter items before it gets too cold.