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Advertising, Syndication & Licensing

Thank you for your interest in We offer Advertising and Sponsorship opportunities as well as Syndication and Licensing of our content (i.e., content of ours that you can use on your site). Please click on the PDFs below for additional information on either topic. Want to skip reading and just ask? Feel free to e-mail Mark or call with your questions.

Advertising and Sponsorship

  • About, Categories and Topics - click here.
  • Why Advertise with and Available Ad Sizes - click here.
  • Advertiser FAQ (not a bad idea to read this first!) - click here.

Content Syndication, Licensing

  • Content topics available, link back or XML information and delivery - click here.
  • For examples of content in use complementing readers' regional daily online news, go here (college), here (funeral) or here (tornado).
  • Editorial Calendar - click here.

Thank you again for your interest in Feel free to call with any questions or if you need additional information. I’d be happy to talk with you about what works best for you.

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National Business/Content Development
612-767-4422 - office